Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ


What is PawLinks?

PawLinks is your pet’s life manager that centralizes and connects all of your pet’s important information. PawLinks helps you discover like-minded passionate pet people, connect with your pet’s local service providers and favorite products, share photos, videos and blogs with your friends and family. PawLinks was built by busy pet owners who understand that in today’s hectic world, we need better tools and information to help us enjoy our pets’ lives.

Why should I join PawLinks?

While many great features at PawLinks are available without joining, the really great stuff is available to users who create an account. Users who join can create personal pet profiles, add photos and videos, write blogs and reviews.

How much does it cost to join PawLinks?

PawLinks is FREE to join and to create personal user profiles, pet profiles, and pet-friendly business profiles. For enhanced features, you can upgrade to PawLinks Plus for personal profiles or upgrade to PawLinks Premium for business profiles.

How do I list my pet-friendly business on PawLinks?

Create an account selecting I want to use PawLinks as 'A pet related business owner'. or Login and navigate to 'Account' > 'Business' selecting 'Yes' if probmpted 'Would you like to start managing your business on PawLinks?'. After completing either of the above you should now be on the 'Account > Business > Add a Business' page. However, before adding your business you must first search for your business to ensure it isn't already on PawLinks. If you don't find your business choose 'I don't see my business. Add a business'.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

On the Login page. Click the forgot password link and a new password will be mailed to you.

I did not receive my confirmation email, what should I do?

If you expect to receive email from us and are not receiving it, it’s possible that your email provider or spam filter might be inadvertently filtering our mail to your spam or bulk mail folder. Check your spam folder and if you see any mail from us, select it and mark it as “Not spam”. Also, add noreply[at] to your contact list.

The link in my confirmation email does not work, what should I do?

Copy and paste the full link into your browser. If you’re still having problems contact us at PawLinks Cares

Business Profile

How do I claim my business?

Do a search for your business from the search box within the header of every page. From the search results page, click on the Services tab to view expanded search results. If you find your business, click on the business name and go to the business profile page where you will see a “is this your business? Claim” button. Click on the Claim button and follow the indicated procedures. You will need to be logged into PawLinks to claim your business profile.

How do I access my business profile?

On the main header of every page, you can navigate to any of your business profiles by clicking on the dropdown box where the name you entered during registration appears.

Can my business be listed in multiple categories?

PawLinks Basic Business Listings allow each business to be included in one category. To be listed in up to three (3) additional categories, upgrade to one of our PawLinks Premium accounts.

How much does it cost to list my business?

It’s always FREE to have a PawLinks Basic Business Listing, which includes your business name, contact information, and allows you create groups or connect with customers or employees. Upgrade to a Gold, Platinum or Diamond PawLinks Premium package for enhanced presence on PawLinks, improved results in search engines like Google and Yahoo and additional features such as our Competitive Placement for targeting customers looking at your competitors’ business listings.

What is PawLinks Premium?

For business owners seeking to enhance their web presence, PawLinks Premium offers three levels of enhanced business listings: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

  1. Gold — Premium placement on search results pages above Basic Listings. Competitive Placement Listing (1).
  2. Platinum — Premium placement on search results pages above Gold Listings. Competitive Placement Listing (2).
  3. Diamond — Premium placement on search results pages above Platinum Listings. Competitive Placement Listing (3).

Ratings & Reviews

Why should I rate & review products, businesses, articles and features?

PawLinks is a community of sharing and knowledge. By contributing feedback, you help build a smarter, stronger network of knowledge. Besides, don’t you want to show everyone how smart you are!

Are my reviews posted anonymously?

No, all PawLinks reviews are posted using the display name of the user. When logged into the site, the full username will be displayed.

Does PawLinks remove reviews?

Occasionally PawLinks will remove reviews that violate our Terms of Service.

How do I flag inappropriate reviews?

Contact PawLinks at PawLinks Cares to report an inappropriate review. See our Terms of Service here for guidance on inappropriate language.

Can I edit or delete my reviews?

Not yet, but we’re evaluating this functionality.

If I work for a business, can I add a review?

It’s better that you don’t review a business you work for, but if you do, you should indicate that you are an employee and you are acting on behalf of your company. Make sure your company gives you permission to do so before posting any content about your business.

Invite Friends

How can I import my contacts?

We’re working on an import contact manager, so for now you can enter email addresses directly into the invite friends tool.

Contact PawLinks

We’re here to help. To provide product enhancement or general site feedback, use the Feedback tool on the left side of each page. Otherwise, you can always reach us at PawLinks Care