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Sahara is all grown up!

about 6 years ago

Sahara is switching to adult food this week. She is all grown up! She's been eatingScience Dietpuppy food and will graduate to the Adult version. She's just like her big brothers in that she loves to eat and can't wait for breakfast and dinner. Weighing in at 9.5 lbs, she's a little smaller than Sydney but not close to competing with Shelby at 15 lbs. She's fearless though, as she has no problem instigating a 3 hour wrestling match with Shelby, which she invariably wins. Shelby finally has a playmate and is playing the role of the attentive big brother.

We're celebrating by heading to the park today. MaybeCarl Shurz Parkso they can run around off-leash. They enjoy the walk to the park as much as getting a chance to chase (they are the pursuers, not the quarry) the other dogs who come out to play.


Good start to Summer!

over 6 years ago

The dogs had the best time today at the dog park. Sahara was quite the spectacle, running around and having the time of her life. Shelby was off to a slow start as three Boston Terriers decided to make him the center of their attention, but he...

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Sahara's 1st Surgery

almost 7 years ago
Sahara came home today from the vet after having undergone her first surgery. She was spayed at just over six months and prior to her 1st heat, so a mama she will never be. She doesn't seem bothered by this fact and certainly hasn't been slowed...

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Sahara's Home!!

almost 7 years ago
Sahara is back from training! She spent 3 weeks going through basic training to learn how to sit, heel, down and come. She's a true Jack Russell, very stubborn in her ways. She's been such a good girl on all of her walks and practice time. Up next...

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The most amazing dog ever!

about 8 years ago

It’s true. Or so it was declared by a 6 year-old in the waiting area at NYC Veterinary Specialists: “She is the most amazing dog I’ve ever met in my ENTIRE life.” Even for a six year-old, I think he had it right. Sydney has...

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