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my poor depressed rat

posted over 6 years ago by krista z

my old gentleman is very sad of late, his beloved brother died on march 6th 2012 due to complications from a stroke which left his left side paralyzed.


they lived in a giant ferret home and played and froliced for the most of nearly 2 years that i have had them. when Stripe got sick I moved them both back into the 40 gallon aquarium because he developed hind leg paralysis and would frequently just fall over and i feared for his safety on the ramps and higher platforms if he lost his balance. when Stripe died, I moved Spot back into the tower. however since his brother's death, Spot has gone from a playful, social, fun-loving rat into a withdrawn and shy wreck. he comes and greets me still but he's very 'please, don't touch me'. he will, if the mood strikes him, let me rub his ears and face and give him neck and back massages like old times. he sleeps a great deal (what rat doesn't?) and other than his depressed mood his appetite is healthy and he plays with his toys.


i contacted a local rattery and talked to the breeder and if all goes well, Spot should have 3 new male friends to bond with and hopefully bring him around.

does anyone have any thoughts on this approach? is it a good or bad idea?