About PawLinks

Our Mission:

PawLinks’ core premise is to organize and improve pet life management through social, business, and knowledge networks.

The PawLinks Network:

The PawLinks platform allows pet owners to interact and connect with other pet lovers, pet-related businesses, associations and non-profits to unlock the wealth of information that lies within their own networks. PawLinks is also a platform for businesses and pet-related associations and non-profits to get closer to their customers and constituents by actively participating in, and contributing to, the PawLinks community. While our core focus is building productivity tools, we are embedded in a social media platform that allows users to connect and share information with like-minded pet owners.

Our History:

PawLinks was founded in February 2008 by John Rucker. As a proud pet parent of three Jack Russell Terriers and Mango the Cat, he recognized that emerging technologies had not addressed the commonplace needs of pet owners, who rely on a network of friends, family and service providers to ensure the health and well being of their pets

Today’s pet owners work hard to balance the needs of their pet family members – from scheduling appointments, finding pet service providers, coordinating services during a relocation, researching medical issues or simply sharing fun stories with their friends and family. PawLinks emerged as a way to enrich the lives of our pets and allow pet owners to get more enjoyment from their pet family.

PawLinks is privately held and is based in New York, NY.